[Spambayes] Spambayes on Outlook Express

Bill Dibble wbdibble at cox.net
Sat May 8 10:26:20 EDT 2004

I'm not sure I know how to do this.  When I turn on Norton to protect mail,
it replaces my pop3 server (pop.west.cox.net) with its own
(norton.pop3.antivirus).  If I keep SpamBayes proxying 110, and change the
proxy port in OE to 8110, I don't see how things will work.  Am I missing
something?  THis networking stuff is a little over my head.

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> > Thanks for the response.  It was that pesky old Norton
> > Antivirus.  I turned it off, and everything is working OK.
> > Of course, I don't now have email virus protection.  Is there
> > some way I can get both?
> Yes, you should be able to chain them together.  Something like:
>   OE  <->  SpamBayes  <->  Norton  <->  Mail Server
> Since Norton is running on localhost 110, set SpamBayes to connect to
> instead of your mail server.  Set the local proxy port to some other value
> (say 8110).  Then set Outlook Express to connect to localhost 8110, rather
> than localhost 110.  All should then be fine.
> =Tony Meyer
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