[Spambayes] Question about merging databases

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sat May 8 23:19:21 EDT 2004

> Is it possible to MERGE training databases from various 
> computers as opposed to simply MOVING a database from one 
> computer to another?

The sb_dbexpimp.py script (in the source distribution) will let you do this.

> Situation: I use several different systems throughout the 
> day, each configured similarly with Outlook 200 going against 
> my Exchange Server.  I'd like to make sure that the Spambayes 
> databases are synchronized to maximize training and spam filtering.

Do all of these systems have access to a shared store?  (A network drive, or
something?)  If so, then an easier solution would be to set your data
directory to be on that shared drive and have all the Outlook's access it.
Help->About SpamBayes->Configuration Guide explains how to do that.

=Tony Meyer

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