[Spambayes] Question

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sat May 8 23:24:31 EDT 2004

> I have just installed SpamBayes and I am using Windows
> ME and Outlook 2000.  I noticed that the newly created
> folders, Junk E-Mail and Junk Suspects, have the preview
> window opened.  I have disabled all of my preview windows
> in my other folders but cannot seem to turn off the
> preview windows in these folders.  I was advised to not
> have the preview windows opened because that opens the 
> file and the sender can see whether or not the file was
> opened.  How do I turn off these preview windows.

You should be able to simply open the folder, choose "Preview Pane" from the
"View" menu, and have it disappear.  Does this not work?  SpamBayes doesn't
try to control that at all (they're probably there because they're there by
default when a new folder is created).

=Tony Meyer

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