[Spambayes] Demand for support

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sun May 9 01:00:36 EDT 2004

> Sorry for not using the good support address in my first
> demand. Please see my answers and additional information
> below (in blue).

I'm guessing that English isn't your first language: some unrelated advise -
"demand" isn't really the right word to use here; something like "request"
would be more appropriate.  They have similar meanings, but "request" is
more polite, given that there's no obligation for anyone to answer.  (Note
that I'm not offended, or anything, but you easily could offend someone

> Attached 4 spambayes log files. I'm afraid the behaviour
> occurs with all messages. Moreover it seems that I've
> problems to delete mails in other folders as well. I get
> the answer : "this mail was already moved or deleted or
> you have access problems" . In fact the messages are still
> here (seen from other machines) and my rights did not
> change since yesterday when everything was OK.
> I already rebooted my PC twice , and used the Detect and
> Repair command of Outlook unsuccessfully.

I'm afraid that this isn't a SpamBayes problem.  The fact that this happens
when you're simply deleting messages (SpamBayes doesn't do anything in that
case) and that it happens when with folders that SpamBayes isn't even
watching, and (most tellingly) that it happens after you've uninstalled
SpamBayes certainly points to that conclusion.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what might be wrong here.  Perhaps you have
someone who can help you with a specifically Outlook-related problem?

> I desinstalled SpamBayes to see the behaviour without it
> and still get the specific menus in my GUI ("Delete as Spam",
> "Recover from Spam ", "SpamBayes") . Do I have to clean
> the registry manually to make them disappear ?

Note that they won't do anything (i.e. click on the "SpamBayes" button and
no menu will drop down) after you've uninstalled.  The toolbar doesn't get
removed on uninstall - this is a bug we are aware of an will fix at some
point.  You have to manually remove it (right-click the toolbar, choose
Customize, select the SpamBayes toolbar, and click Delete).

=Tony Meyer

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