[Spambayes] Spambayes Configuration with Norton Antivirus Help Please

Karl Jessen kjessen at detailedplay.com
Sun May 9 10:20:48 EDT 2004


Newbie to spambayes, figured out using discussion lists that Norton Antivirus proxy was intercepting from our mail server 1st, turned off email scanning, now Spambayes is 'doing its thing' :-)
I set email client server setting to "localhost" after not getting any spambayes activity, this setting coupled with turning off Norton got me going.

Problem is I am now without email virus scanning protection.
I saw one user was instructed to put "pop3.norton.antivirus" or something like that into to the spambayes server config to set up a Server->Norton->SpamBayes->email client chaining... 
I know above is not exactly what I tried, but I do know that I tried the exact text I saw in the discussion list posting but this didnt work for me.

I am running Norton Antirus 2004.
Can you please tell me the setting to put into the spambayes config to get Spambayes to look at the Antivirus 2004 proxy?
Or how to find that information in my PC settings somewhere?

Oh, I'm using Outlook Express and the sb_tray application, not the outlook plug-in.

Any help is greatly appreciated.  I am very excited to use and pitch in to the general knowledge base, receiving hundreds of spams/virus daily due to prominence of our email address in address books out there and also published in html on the web.   Would cost me 1/2 to 1 hour, on the day I finally got time to scan and clear the "Suspected" folder, problem is easy to loose 1 or 2 bonafide customer emails using this crude process.  Previously, I was Outlook rule dependent to have any chance of processing the order confirmation and catalog request email of the business, and still winding up with a "boatload" of SuspectedJunk that is prone to false positives....

Thank you so much for all of your hard work on this project!!!

Karl Jessen
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