[Spambayes] Habeas marked email

Michael Kimball michael at kimballpottery.com
Sun May 9 13:43:23 EDT 2004

Just found the Habeas related buttons in the experimental configuration
page and am wondering how habeas marked mail is used.  Presumably
SpamBayes weights it towards 'Ham', but what happens then?

I normally read my email with just 'Normal' headers visible, so I
wouldn't see the Habeas headers so would be unlikely to report Habeas
abuse to Habeas.com.  About the only time I look at the headers is when
SpamBayes has flagged the email as 'Unsure' and when a quick skimming of
the 'subject' and'sender' columns suggest SpamBayes has flagged false
positives, or false negatives in the 'Ham' and 'Spam' categories (in
'Review Messages'

Once SpamBayes has released the email my email client filters take
over.  I could set up a 'Habeas' filter and read those with 'All'
headers visible, but then would have to manually move those emails to
their proper folders.

Thank you,

Mike Kimball

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