[Spambayes] Using SpamBayes as a "remote filter"?

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sun May 9 20:06:10 EDT 2004

> Unfortunately, I don't know Python but I found a script called
> sb_culler.py that is supposed to do exactly that.

[Tony Meyer]
> Yes, I'd forgotten about that script.

> Where is it (it's not in CVS as far as I can tell)?  What does it do?

It's at <http://www.entrian.com/sbwiki/SpamBayesCuller>.

Andrew Dalke wrote it at the end of last year.  It basically sits somewhere
constantly running, connecting to a POP3 server every three minutes.  It
removes anything it thinks is a virus/spam (storing it locally, I think),
leaving everything else on the server.  The idea is that you leave this
running somewhere when you travel (or whatever) so that you don't have to
wade through junk when away from your main machine.

We get requests for something like this every now and then, so it seems to
me it'd be worth adding to /contrib.  Andrew has released it into the public
domain, so I'm guessing that's ok license-wise (but IANAL).

=Tony Meyer

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