[Spambayes] It seems Spambayes is a virus itsself

Gary Norris gonor at adelphia.net
Mon May 10 00:36:11 EDT 2004

I used Spambayes for a couple of months and found it to be very ineffective.
I attempted to remove the program as per the advise from one of your
technical representatives using Win X/P Add/Remove programs.  I am curious
as to why anyone who writes a program does not provide a comprehensive
removal program.


At any rate I still have the Spambayes  Tool bar displayed below my main
tool bar in Win X/P.  Your product has essentially planted a virus in my
computer.  Thanks a lot. I used to watch TechTV  with Leo Leport .  I loaded
this program because of his strong positive opinion of it.  It was a big


Perhaps you can tell me how to rid my computer of "all of your program, not
just parts".



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