[Spambayes] It seems Spambayes is a virus itsself

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon May 10 00:50:55 EDT 2004

> I used Spambayes for a couple of months and 
> found it to be very ineffective.

If you're interested in figuring out why that is (most likely poor
training), then let us know and we can try to help.  (Obviously this would
require reinstalling).

> I attempted to remove the program as per the advise
> from one of your technical representatives using Win X/P
> Add/Remove programs.  I am curious as to why anyone who
> writes a program does not provide a comprehensive removal
> program.

In what way is the removal not comprehensive?  Anything apart from the
toolbar issue (as below)?

> At any rate I still have the Spambayes Tool bar displayed
> below my main tool bar in Win X/P.

Notice that it doesn't work, though.  This is a known bug, and easily
addressed.  Please read FAQ 3.14:


> Your product has essentially planted a virus in my computer.

Firstly, a virus reproduces (that is one of the defining characteristics),
and the non-functioning toolbar will not do that.  Secondly, a virus
executes code, and the non-functioning toolbar will not do that.
Importantly, viruses are typically malignant - it's quite a stretch to call
a non-functioning toolbar malignant.

Do you see that this is not a virus?

> It was a big mistake.

This (the entire email, really) seems a bit over the top.  What are the
consequences of this "big mistake"?  A non-functioning toolbar in Outlook.
No damage to anything, no financial cost - is there really all that much to
complain about?  Especially since asking "how do I remove the toolbar", or
simply looking in the FAQ for "uninstall" would have solved this problem.

=Tony Meyer

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