[Spambayes] Re: DBRunRecoveryError: -30982, 'DB_RUNRECOVERY:

Denis Howlett denish at isocra.com
Mon May 10 12:27:17 EDT 2004

Well I cheated a bit. In fact I've just upgraded from Win2K to XP so because
the user changed, I had an old (and well trained) SpamBayes db in another
directory and I decided that rather than have to re-train, I might as well
try this old db (if it didn't work, I wouldn't be any worse off). I copied
it into the appropriate place and it all works fine. Everything's back up
and running. So I'm happy :-)

Good luck and thanks again.

> [Denis]
> > ...
> > So, my bet is that my database is corrupted because I quit in the
> > middle of SpamBayes doing something. This might be what happens to
> > other people too?
> Alas, we really don't know.  I tried to provoke database
> corruption, under 3
> different Outlook + SpamBayes installations, from time to time over the
> course of a year.  I'd quit Outlook in the middle of things, kill it
> ungracefully via the Task Manager, and even power-cycle the box while
> SpamBayes was training.  I frequently managed to provoke Outlook into
> corrupting its .pst files, and one time so badly I had to restore my main
> .pst from a backup -- but I was never able to provoke a SpamBayes database
> corruption error.
> > Hope this is useful, if not, sorry to waste your time!
> All clues are helpful -- especially in areas where we're still
> flying blind.
> It makes sense that stopping Outlook "in the middle" of doing something
> could lead to corruption, so the bigger mystery to me is actually why I
> wasn't able to reproduce these problems.

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