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Coe, Bob rcoe at CambridgeMA.GOV
Mon May 10 14:12:17 EDT 2004

It's a lot simpler to just change the view to one that doesn't display the preview pane.


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> >I have just installed SpamBayes and I am using Windows ME and Outlook 2000.
> >I noticed that the newly created folders, Junk E-Mail and Junk Suspects,
> >have the preview window opened.  I have disabled all of my preview windows
> >in my other folders but cannot seem to turn off the preview windows in these
> >folders.  I was advised to not have the preview windows opened because that
> >opens the file and the sender can see whether or not the file was opened.
> >How do I turn off these preview windows.
> As a workaround, create some new folders without preview panes, point
> SpamBayes at those instead, and delete the original folders.
> BTW, Outlook 2003 and, I think, recent versions of Outlook Express,
> remove this "web bug" problem by not downloading any remote content by
> default, whether in the preview pane or in normal message windows.
> This behaviour can be overridden on a per-message or per-sender basis.
> Since I'm forced into using Outlook 2000 at work, I have a personal
> firewall set up to allow Outlook to connect only to specific trusted
> addresses - more complicated, but better than disabling a useful
> feature like the preview pane.
> -- Mat.

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