[Spambayes] Imported DB to Data Folder but SpamBayes Manager says'no training info'.

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue May 11 04:12:29 EDT 2004

> Sorry I didn't get back to you but I was away camping. 

No worries.  Thanks for letting us know that things are resolved - it's
always better to have the solution/resolution posted so that anyone looking
in the future can find it, and so that we know that we don't need to do
anything further.

> Anyway, I tried to delete that file while Outlook was open,
> but of course since Spam Bayes was running it wouldn't let me. 
> So after I used Spam Bayes to open the data folder, I just
> closed Outlook.  Then I just deleted the bayes db file and then
> recopied it in from my back up.  I re-opened Outlook and all
> was fine!!!!!!!!!  

Great :)

> Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I was coping
> these files into the directory while Outlook was open?

Possibly.  If SpamBayes was running, and you copied them in, then it might
have overwritten it with a fresh database.  I should remember to tell people
to make sure Outlook is closed before doing this in the future.

> Or initially I included the .ini files? 

That shouldn't matter.

> I don't know but I'm back up and running.  Thanks again so VERY
> much for your help.  I really like Spam Bayes so I wanted to
> keep using it.  I will make a donation soon, probably today
> (can't remember, I think I probably already have, but tech support
> is a very valuable thing these days!!).

We're happy to help, donations or not (they're gratefully received, of
course, but there's no obligation, whether you get support or not).

=Tony Meyer

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