[Spambayes] Junk suspects folder is always empty

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue May 11 04:25:37 EDT 2004

[Excuse the delay in replying]

> Yesterday I downloaded your program I installed it
> and tried it (I use Microsoft Outlook and Win XP Pro).
> According to what I read in the help documents I thought
> I would see all the incoming e-mails going to the
> "Junk suspects" folder, then I should train the program
> by putting the good and bad messages in the correct folders
> etc.

It really depends on what you did with the Wizard that should have popped up
the first time you started Outlook after installing SpamBayes.  If you gave
it training data then, then SpamBayes already knows how to classify (to a
certain extent) and so will do so.  If you don't give it any training data
then, then all mail should score 0.5 and end up in the "Junk Suspects"
folder, yes.

> The problem is that while receiving my mails I didn't
> see any messages being put into the "Junk suspects" folder.
> Isn't this supposed to be done automatically? Or you
> think I have configured the program incorrectly? My 
> mails went straight to my Inbox instead.

Did you do any training?  If you only trained on ham (good mail), then
everything will look like ham to SpamBayes, and so everything will end up in
the Inbox.  You don't say whether spam is going into the inbox too - is it?
If you train it (by clicking the "Delete as Spam" button), does it learn in

If you go to the Manager (SpamBayes button on the toolbar -> SpamBayes
Manager), how many messages does it say have been trained?
> By the way, I would strongly suggest that you review the
> help documents and if possible to provide a step by step
> tutorial about training the program, as I think that such
> a tutorial would be quite easy for you to write but yet
> very useful to your users. 

The problem is that it's hard for us to know what people will have trouble
with.  If you could give us examples of things that weren't clear (ideally
with suggestions about how it could be clearer), we're happy to update

The wizard is really designed to replace any need for step-by-step
instructions for getting started with the plug-in - it should guide you
through everything that's nececessary.  Did you go through the Wizard?  Were
some things unclear?  If so, which ones, and why?

=Tony Meyer

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