[Spambayes] Problems with Spambayes (Under Advanced tab/Statisticsshowing "Spambayes has processed zero messages")

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue May 11 04:39:23 EDT 2004

[Sorry about the delay in replying]

> Had a problem with Outlook last Friday and had a ROYAL
> mess on my hands getting it fixed. Had to restore the
> previous days OUTLOOK.PST, etc. Somehow along with all
> of this Spambayes got hosed to I downloaded and installed
> the latest version (1.0b1 April 2004) and "trained" it.
> I have Definite Spam and Probable Spam folders and since
> this has happened there has been NOTHING new added to
> Probable Spam but Definite Spam is getting stuff.

Is your inbox still getting all your good mail, too?

You could check the Filtering tab in the SpamBayes Manager.  Check that the
folders you think you are using are the ones that SpamBayes has (you'll need
to click Browse to check that the folder is the right one and not simply one
with the same name).  Check that the thresholds are correctly set (i.e. if
they are both 50%, then everything will be either good or bad, and nothing

How many messages have you trained?  Maybe your log file would have more
clues?  You could send that to us - the troubleshooting guide explains where
to find it.

> If I check under the Advanced tab/Statistics it shows
> Spambayes has processed zero messages and I assume that
> is not kosher ?

Well, note that the statistics are not (yet) persistent between sessions -
i.e. every time you start Outlook up the stats will be zero.  They shouldn't
*stay* at zero, though, while Outlook is open.  If they do, and SpamBayes is
actually filtering mail (i.e. mail ends up in the spam folder and also in
the ham folder, as it should), then something is very weird, and the log
file is definitely required to figure it out.

> I hit the help on line/FAQ, etc. and didn't really find
> anything that helped in this particular situation.

I don't recall seeing it before either, which makes it somewhat more

=Tony Meyer

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