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papaDoc papaDoc at videotron.ca
Tue May 11 11:13:58 EDT 2004

Colin wrote:

> I looked in the FAQ's to see how SpamBayes relates to existing Outlook 
> rules. I've just downloaded SpamBayes for a trial.
> I have a number of these rules in place, and want to know how to 
> use/ignore them. Most of my rules relate to moving to a sub folder 
> which sorts my mail nicely, but I had some very effective rules 
> relating to junk, which I had built up over the years.
> What I want to know is whether SpamBayes evaluates mail before or 
> after Outlook rules are applied. This will help me to decide which to 
> keep, which to discard.

You can instead have all your messages be filtered by SpamBayes *after* all
of your rules are run (you need to be using the version > 008.1, of
the plug-in).  On the advanced tab of the SpamBayes dialog, enable the
"background filtering" option.  This should have the desired effect.  You
can then get SpamBayes to watch all the folders that mail is moved to.


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