[Spambayes] Spambayes update glitch

Roger Burchett RogerBurchett at EDLDISPLAYS.com
Tue May 11 14:35:23 EDT 2004

I've been using Spambayes for a few months with good results. I am running Win 98SE and Outlook 2000.

I installed the newest update, and everything seemed to work, except no old or new messages showed up in the "Junk Suspects" or "Junk E-Mail" boxes. The junk mail was being caught, but it just seemed to disappear.

I couldn't find anything that worked in the FAQ page. After re-training and going through the Spambayes Manager, the problem persisted. 

I finally noticed that while the "Filtering" list boxes showed the correct mailboxes in the "Moved to" window, no mailboxes were highlighted when I pulled down the list boxes. Clicking on (highlighting) the right mailboxes fixed the problem. Suddenly, the "Junk E-Mail" box had hundreds of entries, including a lot of new ones.

Roger Burchett
EDL Displays, Inc.

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