[Spambayes] Vanished Menus

Geoff geoffturner at supanet.com
Tue May 11 15:08:52 EDT 2004

Hi. Hope I'm not wasting your time. Spambays is working fine but the
"inboxes" which were automatically visible (i.e. "Junk Mail", "Suspected,
etc." have disappeared & I can't find any way of recovering them. Should I
just return to defaults? I am running XP Home and Outlook 2000. I have
recently installed Sygate Personal Firewall but I am almost sure that the
items vanished prior to that installation. I also use Reg Supreme, could I
have removed a relevant registry key or value?

Thanks for your help. I'm more a "newbie" than a geek but is there any way I
can contribute?



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