[Spambayes] Trouble with the IMAP filter

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue May 11 22:37:49 EDT 2004

> I'm currently trying to setup spambayes to filter
> more than one account.  To do this i'm running a cron
> job (OS is FC1 w/Python2.3) that is simply:
> cd /home/neel/sb/mep/
> sb_imapfilter.py -c -t -e y > /dev/null
> cd /home/neel/sb/nel/
> sb_imapfilter.py -c -t -e y > /dev/null

What version of SpamBayes is this? Could you try 1.0rc1 and see if that
fixes the problem?

(1.0rc1 is available, but the announce post hasn't been sent out yet).


> Each IMAP account is setup completely seperatly, and do
> not share a database.  Currently, the second account only
> moves the messages to the spam/suspect folders and records
> the score if the spambayes.messageinfo.db does *not* exist,
> i.e. it creates it.  If the file does exist, then the email
> is marked with a spambayes-id header, but nothing more.

Could you manually run the second account with an existing
spambayes.messageinfo.db with '-i4' and capture the output?  This will churn
out the IMAP conversation and give clues about where something is going

Note that the output will include your username and password in plain text,
so blank those out before you send the log along.

=Tony Meyer

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