[Spambayes] proposal for handling the evil folder icon mail indicator

nauman at SOFTWARE.ORG nauman at SOFTWARE.ORG
Tue May 11 22:58:49 EDT 2004

I know there has been some reluctance to mess with the folder icon incoming
mail indicator.  I haven't followed the discussions on this list, but I read
the FAQ.  As I understand it, you don't want to remove the folder icon when
trashing spam, b/c there might be ham waiting to be read.  I propose that
when trashing a spam that spam bayes search through all the folders it is
filtering and check if they include unread mail.  If they don't include
anything that is unread, then usually we can assume there is no new mail and
can whack the folder icon.  I am sure there are instances where people move
email to unfiltered folders with outlook rules.  They probably would not
want this behavior, so I suggest adding an option to enable it.

Sorry if this is a dup suggestion.


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