[Spambayes] Vanished Menus

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue May 11 22:57:17 EDT 2004

> Spambays is working fine 
> but the "inboxes" which were automatically visible (i.e. 
> "Junk Mail", "Suspected, etc." have disappeared & I can't 
> find any way of recovering them. Should I just return to 
> defaults?

I imagine that you've inadvertently deleted these folders (it's easy to do,
and happens to lots of people all the time).  They're probably still there
in the Deleted Items folder, gathering mail.  FAQ 3.13 talks about this, but
you can basically just move them back out.


> Thanks for your help. I'm more a "newbie" than a geek but is 
> there any way I can contribute?

Absolutely.  Start with FAQ 4.15:


Basically you can read this mailing list and help others, you can help with
documentation, and/or you can test things out.  Start with whatever you
think needs the most improvement, or whatever you think you'd be able to do

=Tony Meyer

Please always include the list (spambayes at python.org) in your replies
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way, you get everyone's help, and avoid a lack of replies when I'm busy.

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