[Spambayes] Spam bayes + Outlook in corporate mode ...

Sylvain coolsly at abcxyz.ca
Wed May 12 15:34:29 EDT 2004

We are a firm who are doing network installations and we have a customer
using Spam bayes.  Outlook is configured as follow:
-- Personnal folder -- U:\username\mail\mailbox.pst
-- Outlook address book
Everytime Spam Bayes is triggered (i.e. when mail is received or manually
launched), it creates another personnal folder in
So the user has now 2 personnal folders.
Any solutions to this problem?  Please note that it's on a terminal server
and everybody logs on the terminal server so when it creates a new .pst in
c:\...\... all the e-mails get screwed because several people are trying to
access c:\...\...  Even by removing the key in the registry, each time that
Spam bayes is triggered, the problem re-occur.
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