[Spambayes] The joys of error messages.

Alex Brooks askoorb at fastmail.fm
Wed May 12 15:35:42 EDT 2004

Tony Meyer wrote:

> ......
>They are a lot less common than they once were.  
Great work!

>The best solution (it seems) is to move away from the bsddb-based dbm that
>is currently the default, or to move to a proper transactional system using
>that dbm (which would allow recovery).  This is a lot of work, though, and
>ideally requires someone with lots of experience working with databases.
>For the moment, there are other options - if you run from source, you can
>use a pickle, mysql, pgsql, or (kinda) zeo.  None of these will give you the
>same corruption problem.

Thanks for the help everybody!

Just to ask a quick question though:

papaDoc wrote:

> Hi Alex,
>> Hi, I'm having problems when running spambayes (python 
>> sb_imapfilter.py -c -t -v ) and am getting the following errors:
>> [...]
>> AssertionError
>> Wondering if anyone knows what's going on or what to do to solve it, 
>> as I can no longer filter spam.
> Usually this mean that there is a problem with the database and you 
> will probably need to retrain from scratch.
> When you train or untrain a message try to use always the original 
> mesage not a copy since Spambayes
> add Header to the mail indicating "This message was train as ham/spam" 
> and when you untrain. the It can
> undo what it did.
> What can be interesting is what did you do to get this ? Since this is 
> still an open problem.
> Remi
Well, I did try to migrate to a pickle from dbm, it does seem to have 
messed up the database, not sure what else I can tell you.  Just two 
questions, how is the Mysql support going (as recomended by Tony Meyer), 
and how can I enable it if it is stable enough to use (since I'm 
starting with a new database anyway).  And also, should I delete both 
databases or just hammie.db.

Oh, and I'm using the latest CVS, as of today.  Might as well upgrade at 
the same time of removing the database.

Thanks for all the help


Great programme.

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