[Spambayes] Spam bayes + Outlook in corporate mode ...

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed May 12 21:16:46 EDT 2004

> We are a firm who are doing network installations
> and we have a customer using Spam bayes.  Outlook
> is configured as follow:
> -- Personnal folder -- U:\username\mail\mailbox.pst
> -- Outlook address book
> Everytime Spam Bayes is triggered (i.e. when mail
> is received or manually launched), it creates another personnal folder 
> in c:\....\
> So the user has now 2 personnal folders.

What do you mean by "c:\....\"?  Do you mean the Windows application data
directory?  By default with Windows XP, for example, this is "C:\Documents
and Settings\{username}\Application Data\", but it can be changed (and is
different with different Windows versions).

What do you mean by "personnal folder"?  Do you mean an Outlook pst file
(i.e. the place you put mail when in Outlook), or do you mean a directory on
the drive (i.e. the place you put files with Windows Explorer etc)?  If the
latter, what goes in this directory - anything?

> Any solutions to this problem?  Please note that
> it's on a terminal server and everybody logs on the
> terminal server so when it creates a new .pst in
> c:\...\... all the e-mails get screwed because several
> people are trying to access c:\...\...

This indicates that it's a pst file that's being created.  Where does it get
created?  Does it get opened in Outlook, or just added?  Are there any
folders or mail in there?

> Even by removing the key in the registry, each time
> that Spam bayes is triggered, the problem re-occur.

Wht key in the registry?  SpamBayes doesn't touch the registry except when
it is installed, so you shouldn't be needing to change anything in there.

Have you checked that your Filtering settings are correct in SpamBayes?

Could you attach your most recent log file (see the Troubleshooting guide to
find it)?

=Tony Meyer

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