[Spambayes] Question about the score of spam suspects

Katz, Amir Amir_Katz at bmc.com
Thu May 13 02:53:13 EDT 2004

[environment: Outlook 2000, SB plug-in, Windows 2000]
Here's the scenario:
1. SB ran on inbox, moved a few messages to the 'Spam Suspects' folders
2. I looked at them, all were spam
3. I marked all of then and used the 'delete as spam' button
4. I looked at the same messages in the Spam folder to check their score
5. Some had a score of 100%
Assuming that score is not changed as a result of the 'delete as spam'
action, my question is: if the score is 100%, why weren't they tagged as
spam in the first place?
If the answer is in the FAQ, just say where.
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