[Spambayes] Large Message Causing Crash

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu May 13 19:21:38 EDT 2004

> I'm sometimes lazy, and will email large files back and forth 
> from work and home.  I found out todat this will cas 
> spambayes to crash (using sb_imapfilter, 1.0rc1).
> It's not a major problem, I knew when I saw the traceback 
> "MemoryError" what was going on, move the message and reran 
> sb without issue.  I run sb though a cron, but had I been 
> using -l it would have stopped spam filtering, and in the 
> increase of all these MS emails going around it pretty likely 
> I'll get some too large emails I didn't send.
> I've looked around, but is there an option to have the imap 
> filter simply log the troubled email and go on to the next?  
> It doesn't solve the problem, but keeps it from stopping the 
> filtering.

This should be what it does now.  Have you checked that it doesn't?

When the (any) error occurs, it should save the message with a
"X-SpamBayes-Exception" header, detailing the problem, plus print out (to
stderr) the traceback, and then continue on it's merry way.

Note that with 1.0b1 it only continued on with some errors, but with 1.0rc1
it should be continuing regardless.

If this *isn't* happening, could you send me a traceback?  Maybe the error
is occurring somewhere it doesn't expect it to.

=Tony Meyer

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