[Spambayes] Startup problems under Office 2003

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu May 13 20:22:02 EDT 2004

> Sorry, but I have searched my C: for "spam" in hidden and 
> system folders with no hit.

If by this you mean that the Windows XP search was in hidden and system
folders, then you wouldn't.  This doesn't include the temp directory (as for
why it doesn't: ask Microsoft).  Searching the entire HD for
"spambayes1.log" found it for me.

In any case, just look in the temp directory.  With XP, this is almost
certainly C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Local Settings\Temp.  If it
isn't, it's almost certain that you would know, because you have moved it

> Sure you have tested it for Office 2003?

Various people have reported using Spambayes successfully with Outlook 2003,
yes.  One of these people is the founder of the project, so is fairly
trustworthy <wink>.

> It shows up in Add/remove programs

Please answer the other questions:

> Having downloaded and installed the Intel version
> for Windows XP, the config procedure started and asked
> for folders.
You mean that you started up Outlook and the SpamBayes Wizard appeared?

> After completing it, nothing happens.
So you completed the Wizard, but you don't have a new SpamBayes toolbar?  It
should have a "Delete As Spam" button and a "SpamBayes" button.

=Tony Meyer

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