[Spambayes] What performance is good?

Erin Lazzaro hera at optonline.net
Thu May 13 21:48:37 EDT 2004

How much do you expect to see in Junk Suspects?

I get about 15% ham.  All the ham goes in Inbox (I had one ham in Junk Suspects last week), along with 1 or 2 spam, which is beautiful.  25% to 30% of incoming mail goes in Junk Suspects.  Is that reasonable?

My database is unbalanced (36 ham/84 spam), so I'm only training on ham in Junk Suspects (i.e., hardly ever).  Should I be seeking ham to train on?


If "optimization" is the process of improving software performance, this sort of thing should be called "pessimization".  -Scott Meyers

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