[Spambayes] Request for neat feature for Outlook add-in

James Hamill j.hamill at intpower.com
Sat May 15 22:42:30 EDT 2004

I've been using the Outlook plug-in under Winwoes 98SE for quite some while
now, and I'm delighted at the progress made.  Thank you very much for the
great progress so far!
 But I also hanker for a small feature which I feel would be easy to add and
which I feel would be of great use to many users.  Now that "background
processing"  (a most useful feature) is a standard default, I wish for a
"virtual LED", placed on the side of the Spambayes toolbar which would
indicate something like:

(grey) when Spambayes is Idle,
(yellow) when Spambayes is accepting new mail from Outlook during an
automatic or manual "Send-Receive",
(green) when Spambayes is processing and filtering mail,
and back to (grey)  when Spambayes is idle.

I've not thought this very far, but I feel the need to ask Spambayes what it
is doing at a given moment, especially with  slow dial-up connections.
Perhaps others can add to the idea.
Jim Hamill

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