[Spambayes] "Delete as Spam" doesn't move until after selection is lost

Tony Meyer ta-meyer at ihug.co.nz
Sat May 15 23:26:38 EDT 2004

> It is definitely when I click off of it...I can sit there and watch it
> for several minutes and nothing happens, but as soon as I click off it's
> gone (or if I click on it immediately its gone). New incoming mail will
> cause it too..I guess anything that causes the emphasis to be off of
> that particular message. I don't see any errors in the log..here is an
> example of what got written after I clicked "delete as spam" on a
> message in my "junk suspects" folder (and sat and watched it still sit
> there for several minutes until I clicked the next message):

Hmm.  I had this happen to me (Outlook 2002) today.  Exactly as you describe
- the message would be moved as far as SpamBayes was concerned, but the
Outlook view wouldn't change until I deselected the message(s).

Annoyingly, though, I can't duplicate this now.  I had wondered whether
maybe the Exchange server had been updated and that caused it, but that
wouldn't explain why I can do it again later.  I have restarted Outlook
since, but it seems unlikely that that was the fix.

In any case, if I do come across this again, I'll be sure to look into it
more.  Until then, I can't think of anything but writing it off as an
Outlook/Exchange quirk.

=Tony Meyer

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