[Spambayes] Startup problems under Office 2003

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sat May 15 23:52:58 EDT 2004

> Yes, you are right. The log
> Files were there in the temp folder, I looked at the wrong user!
> It is new to me that basic search does not work in temp folders!

I don't know why that is - it doesn't really make sense to me to say "All
folders" and have Windows exclude some.  No doubt it made sense to some
programmer at Microsoft.

> Here comes my log files!

The log files indicate that SpamBayes is disabled.  If you open up the
SpamBayes Manager (from the SpamBayes button on the toolbar) there is a
"Enable SpamBayes" button.  If you tick that, things should start working.

If you can't tick it (it's greyed out), then the box above the button should
explain why that is.

=Tony Meyer

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