[Spambayes] Need Help With Resetting Training DB

Howard Burns howard at burnsaddress.com
Sun May 16 08:48:39 EDT 2004

Hi.  I am wondering if you could help me.  I just upgraded to the new
release (1.0b1).  I want to totally start training all over again.  I have a
few message that are clearly spam (fyi, they all related to an illegal cable
descrambler) and each of these messages go to the unsure folder.  Daily I
delete them as SPAM.  Daily, these same new message go to the UNSURE folder.
I figure that maybe I have screwed up the training of SpamBayes.  
Supposedly, it says that to restart the training DB, that I need to go to
the TRAINING tab of the SpamBayes manager.  Then it says to make sure that
the REBUILD ENTIRE DB box is checked.  Mine was already checked.  With no
other instructions, I figured I'd have to click on the START TRAINING
button.  When I click on it, it says "You must specify at least one spam and
one good folder."  On the training tab the two folder locations are blank.
I don't want to train on my INBOX as there is probably junk mail that has
not been deleted.  My SPAM folder is empty as I delete SPAM after it has
been tracked.  
FYI, I train by using the DELETE AS SPAM or RECOVER FROM SPAM buttons as I
don't have folders of good/SPAM msgs.
Can you help me in how to totally reset the training DB and continue my
training as above?
Regards, Howard M. Burns
Cell:     978-828-9777
Email:  howard at burnsaddress.com
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