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Lee J. Keslin wizworks at maqs.net
Mon May 17 05:02:53 EDT 2004

Notice To The Publishers of The Python anti spam website (Spambayes) which posted an anti spam notice to Search Engines about the website TheUSMat

I am Lee J Keslin, the publisher of The US Mat, I do not have or own a email list or the facilities to do a mass mailing . I used an outsourcing to do a one time targeted  promotion of my website to the states of Wisconsin, and Illinois, which the out source did not do.To my chagrin the outsource sent a mailing out world wide and very little to the US. 

However the content of the material sent out should be very clear to the recipient that it was an invitation to that area to view my website, which merchandizes nothing, no porn, no pills,no phoney pleas for money, contains no cookies, or virus (unless the outsource inserted them in which I doubt all he was was some poor smuck who thought he obtained a good mailing list and was trying to make a buck) and contains proper language.    But instead offers comment which one may or may not agree with. And the latter is the basis I believe is the basis for complaints by some to disparage, and discredit,  implying a faudulent activity designed to prevent this websites publication.

Unless your posting is not immediately removed 

Further legal action is under active consideration
Very Truly
Publisher TheUSMat

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