[Spambayes] "Delete as Spam" doesn't move until after selection islost

Coe, Bob rcoe at CambridgeMA.GOV
Mon May 17 07:25:30 EDT 2004

To me, that looks more like a screen refresh issue than an Outlook or Exchange functionality problem. Your ability to reproduce it might depend on such unpredictable factors as how busy the client, the server, or the network is at the time.


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> > It is definitely when I click off of it...I can sit there and watch it
> > for several minutes and nothing happens, but as soon as I click off it's
> > gone (or if I click on it immediately its gone). New incoming mail will
> > cause it too..I guess anything that causes the emphasis to be off of
> > that particular message. I don't see any errors in the log..here is an
> > example of what got written after I clicked "delete as spam" on a
> > message in my "junk suspects" folder (and sat and watched it still sit
> > there for several minutes until I clicked the next message):
> Hmm.  I had this happen to me (Outlook 2002) today.  Exactly as you describe
> - the message would be moved as far as SpamBayes was concerned, but the
> Outlook view wouldn't change until I deselected the message(s).
> Annoyingly, though, I can't duplicate this now.  I had wondered whether
> maybe the Exchange server had been updated and that caused it, but that
> wouldn't explain why I can do it again later.  I have restarted Outlook
> since, but it seems unlikely that that was the fix.
> In any case, if I do come across this again, I'll be sure to look into it
> more.  Until then, I can't think of anything but writing it off as an
> Outlook/Exchange quirk.
> =Tony Meyer

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