[Spambayes] "Delete as Spam" doesn't move until after selectionislost

Brewer, Gary brewerg at vt.edu
Mon May 17 08:34:56 EDT 2004

For me its not a problem reproducing it...it happens every day all day
since I installed Office 2003 (I never had it happen in Outlook 2002 but
I only used it for a couple months before upgrading). For normal
activities such as a standard delete, the view is updated immediately.
It's only messages that are being affected by Spambayes that the problem
occurs. I'm running on a new Dell Optiplex GX270 with a 3.19 GHz
processor, a gig of ram, and a NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 video with 128 MB
of dedicated ram, so I would think the machine can handle it...but I
guess weirder things have happened.

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> To me, that looks more like a screen refresh issue than an Outlook or
> Exchange functionality problem. Your ability to reproduce it might
> on such unpredictable factors as how busy the client, the server, or
> network is at the time.
> Bob
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> > islost
> >
> >
> > > It is definitely when I click off of it...I can sit there and
watch it
> > > for several minutes and nothing happens, but as soon as I click
> it's
> > > gone (or if I click on it immediately its gone). New incoming mail
> will
> > > cause it too..I guess anything that causes the emphasis to be off
> > > that particular message. I don't see any errors in the log..here
is an
> > > example of what got written after I clicked "delete as spam" on a
> > > message in my "junk suspects" folder (and sat and watched it still
> > > there for several minutes until I clicked the next message):
> >
> > Hmm.  I had this happen to me (Outlook 2002) today.  Exactly as you
> describe
> > - the message would be moved as far as SpamBayes was concerned, but
> > Outlook view wouldn't change until I deselected the message(s).
> >
> > Annoyingly, though, I can't duplicate this now.  I had wondered
> > maybe the Exchange server had been updated and that caused it, but
> > wouldn't explain why I can do it again later.  I have restarted
> > since, but it seems unlikely that that was the fix.
> >
> > In any case, if I do come across this again, I'll be sure to look
> it
> > more.  Until then, I can't think of anything but writing it off as
> > Outlook/Exchange quirk.
> >
> > =Tony Meyer
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