[Spambayes] Virus software and SpamBayes

Chris Hartnett chartnett at cmselectric.com
Mon May 17 13:12:03 EDT 2004

I recently installed your guys software into Outlook and I think it is the
greatest thing in a long while. I plan on installing it on the other
computers in my network. I want to contribute to the effort you guys have
done and was wondering what you guys usually see for donations. I don't want
to be cheap.

I did have one question though. I am running Symantec Corp. Ed. 8 and when I
process my email as spam if there is a message with a virus in it I get a
message from Symantec telling me that it has quarantined a virus. I assume
you guys are telling SpamBayes to look at the properties of the email and
that is what Symantec is flagging. I was curious if you had a way to tell
SpamBayes not to look at files with attachments or is this something that I
will have to do manually.  It just got me to thinking and I don't want open
anything that is infected if I don't have to. Thanks again.

Chris Hartnett
CMS Electric
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