[Spambayes] Virus software and SpamBayes

papaDoc papaDoc at videotron.ca
Mon May 17 13:47:10 EDT 2004

Hi Chris

> I recently installed your guys software into Outlook and I think it is 
> the greatest thing in a long while. I plan on installing it on the 
> other computers in my network. I want to contribute to the effort you 
> guys have done and was wondering what you guys usually see for 
> donations. I don't want to be cheap.

Just giving something will be good (time, money, beers, etc) since it is 
free. Making a donation , will put you on the "not cheap" side !

> It just got me to thinking and I don't want open anything that is 
> infected if I don't have to.

To be infected by a virus you need to execute the code/file. What 
Spambayes does is open the file for reading without trying to execute 
the file.
In some software (like Outlook) clicking on the file means: "Try to find 
the best software to read/execute the file depending on the extension".

So don't  worry, there is no problem with Spambayes reading an email 
with a virus. I have almost 600 emails in my spam folder and my virus 
complains for almost 400 of them. But I was not infected by those virus 
even if Spambayes read them.


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