[Spambayes] Large Message Causing Crash

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon May 17 21:12:06 EDT 2004

> Glad I could help.  I've only been on the list a
> few days, but it's clear you are "the man" of the
> mailing list,

Well, this is probably somewhat biased by the last few days, of course.  We
all help out as we can, and the 'we' includes lots of other people as well.
Thanks for the compliment, though :)

Another thing is that I followed Mark H in the foolish footsteps of
volunteering to maintain one of the binary versions (sb_server - the Outlook
plug-in for him).  Back when the plug-in was first released, Mark had a huge
volume of mail to deal with (which he did), but it's mostly subsided now
that the plug-in is quite stable.  sb_server isn't quite as polished as the
plug-in (yet), so I'm still at the tail of the big flood of mail.

(And at a different time I decided to write sb_imapfilter, more to satisfy
the requests for it than for any personal need, thinking that eventually
someone would take it off my hands.  Since that hasn't happened, and since
the bugs have about a 75% chance of being a result of something I wrote, I
feel obligated to fix those <0.3 wink>).

> I'm pretty impressed you keep up with the volume
> like you do.

Tell that to the 118 messages still waiting to be sorted out <0.5 wink>.
Some weeks are easier than others - it helps that at the moment I'm (for
real work) running lots of 5ish minute tests, analysing the results, then
kicking off another one.  Answering an email fits easily enough into the
time where I'm waiting for results.

> Isn't GvR on your developer
> list?  Tell him to pass on some of the sweet python
> cash he must be rolling in to you =)

Heh.  We don't publicise it much, but the whole spambayes crew are pretty
much out partying on our luxury yachts every weekend anyway ;)

(More seriously, I figure that if a person or two is so happy with my help
here or with some code that I wrote/helped with that they make a donation
(not that I expect anyone to), then that lets me off somewhat donating money
to the PSF myself, which I otherwise would feel I should, since I use Python
so much in real (paid) work).

Well, that was a long response to a compliment, wasn't it?  :P

=Tony Meyer

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