[Spambayes] outlook - operation failed

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue May 18 03:55:55 EDT 2004

> After I installed spambayes, I could not send/receive
> anymore, instead I get the pop up error "This operation
> failed" without anymore detail.
> I have tried remove and reinstall outlook xp multiple
> times (including uninstalling spambayes) but cannot remove
> this error. 

You installed the Outlook plug-in, yes?  (If not, then the rest of this is
all invalid, and write back for a new reply).

The plug-in doesn't touch sending or receiving mail in any way at all.  All
it does is ask Outlook to tell it when mail arrives in certain folders (the
'receive' is all over by then) and then classifies that mail.

Have you tried Outlook's "Detect and Repair"?  (Although if you've
reinstalled Outlook, I'm not sure that'll help).  Certainly if you've
uninstalled SpamBayes then it can't possibly be doing anything (since it's
no longer there).

Are you sure there aren't any more details in the error?  Even a cryptic
looking number like 0x732847832?  Have you checked it's not some sort of
problem with your network/ISP?

=Tony Meyer

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