[Spambayes] Spambayes Question

Urko Masse urko.masse at telitas.nl
Wed May 19 05:19:51 EDT 2004

Since most of the Spam mails have fake addresses, I think that would be 
a very bad idea, creating innecessary traffic, and getting no positive 
At most, if you do that, the spammer can actually confirm that your 
address is active, and then send you even more spam...

The best advice to decrease the amount of spam you get is pretending you 
don't get it, so they might think your account is not active...


Joel Greenman wrote:

> I am currently using Spambayes. Does Spambayes have any feature where 
> it bounces back an email to the original sender and defines it as 
> "undeliverable" so that they might take me off of their spam list? 
> Also, I have about 150 spam emails in my spam folder that Spambayes 
> has already identified. Can I delete all of these or do I need to 
> leave them in the folder?
> Joel Greenman
> statman7 at earthlink.net <mailto:statman7 at earthlink.net>

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