[Spambayes] Is there and end to training?

papaDoc papaDoc at videotron.ca
Wed May 19 10:23:01 EDT 2004

Hi Oleg,

I hope you are using the sb_server and/or the POP3 proxy.

>I guess my question is this:
>If I stop reviewing the mail, it will just pile up and what will happen
Spambayes copy each message received in a cache directory and those 
messages are used for training.
The message n days old are deleted from the cache (Usually n = 7 but 
this can be changed in the setting)

>If I click on the icon for Spambayes, it opens up an explorer
>window and wants me to process the messages. I don't want to do that
>every day.
You don't need to

>I have maybe 2% ham in the explorer window. When I review the messages,
>I click on the appropriate status for each message and click "train"  at
>the bottom. How can the ham/spam ratio be 1:1 if there is always more
>There is no way to just train on ham on that page..
Yes, you can discard the spam and the unsure.
Usually I pick only a few from this page and discard all the others.


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