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Wed May 19 16:45:38 EDT 2004

As a non-profit, you may not have received our previous message about posting your internship, volunteer, or co-op opportunity on our website, Internships4you.com, free of charge.

As a reminder, Internships4You.com is a new, unique intern recruitment site with college and university career center contacts worldwide.

If you are a non-profit and would like to post your internship openings on our site, please go to http://www.internships4you.com/employers/register.php4 and fill out the registration form.

If you need additional assistance or are not a non-profit and want to learn about our current offers, please contact anyone on our management team. 

·        Andrew E. Schwartz, CEO, aes at internships4you.com
·        Tam Le, Partner, Graphic Design/Communications, tle at internships4you.com
·        Albert Tu, Partner, Technology, atu at internships4you.com

We would appreciate your passing this opportunity along to other profit and non-profit organizations. Your participation and feedback is critical to our success. 

Internships4You Build Your Future
Andrew E. Schwartz, CEO

FYI: As CEO, I believe young professionals are amazing. This venture started with many talented interns, and several now own a significant percentage of Internships4You.

Please accept our apology if this message was sent to you in error. 
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