[Spambayes] Spam Bayes use in a corporation

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Wed May 19 20:05:31 EDT 2004

[Brent Bertram]
> I work in a corporation with 5000 PC's and I was checking out your Anti-
> Spam software, SpamBayes.  I like it.  I noticed it was free.  I don't 
> propose to use it on all of our PC's just 50 or so PCs, the IT staff 
> only.  For us to use it would we need to pay you at all?

No matter how many PCs you use it on, it remains free.  The full source code
is also available for free, if, for example, you'd like to customize it, or
eyeball it for security holes, or ...

> Is there special treatment for corporation or are we treated the same
> as a normal single user?

Also the same as an abnormal single user <wink>.

> I provided a link to the IT staff and a few bit my head of, they are
> partial to IHateSpam

Since we don't make a penny off SpamBayes, we have no stake in whether
people use it.  It's *nice* to see our work get used, and some users
contribute back (code, docs, help answering questions) to the project to
make it better, but beyond that ... yawn.

> and a few are concerned legally.

Concerned about what?  This is explicitly licensed software, same as
anything they buy, except that the license is extraordinarily (compared to
what they're used to) permissive.  It's pretty standard for an Open Source
license, though.

> So far its just talk and no one has used it on their corporate PC.  I'm 
> curious what you take is on this?

It's free whether you use it or not.  Suit yourself.  A sane evaluation
would measure its performance objectively against alternatives, place dollar
values on error rates, and compute expected net gain (or loss) for each
alternative.  I don't have any take on insane evaluations <wink>.

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