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Michael C. Neel neel at mediapulse.com
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Hi Brent,

    As said SpamBayes is under an OpenSource license.  There is no money involed, but there is one simple rule it all boils down to:  You can take it, use it, sell it, give it away, and even change it - but when you change it you have to make those changes available to anyone who wants them.  Posting the to the list or sending them in as a patch would be enough.

    Read up on the downsides of whitelisting and blacklisting so you are ready to show why a bayes filter is better.  Then the reason SpamBayes works better than the others is most Bayes filters use two "buckets" - good and bad; spambayes uses 3 - good bad and unknown.  This helps because Dr Bayes's filter never expected the data to try and fool him, i.e. spam acting like ham.

    And last thing I'll add is my own personal results.  I have two account filtered with spambayes, one gets about 20 hams a day and 400 spams, the other gets maybe 5 hams a week and 30 spams a day.  With spambayes trained on a set of ~100 spam and ~100 ham for each account, I see maybe 5 suspects a day for both accounts combined.  After a few weeks there are no more mislabeled spams as hams and vice versa (these are rare to start with).  No other spam tool I know of is this good.

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  I work in a corporation with 5000 PC's and I was checking out your Anti-Spam software, SpamBayes.  I like it.  I noticed it was free.  I don't propose to use it on all of our PC's just 50 or so PCs, the IT staff only.  For us to use it would we need to pay you at all?  Is there special treatment for corporation or are we treated the same as a normal single user?  I provided a link to the IT staff and a few bit my head of, they are partial to IHateSpam and a few are concerned legally.  So far its just talk and no one has used it on their corporate PC.  I'm curious what you take is on this?  Thanks for the help.

  PS:  Can you please e-mail your reponse to bbertram at hydro.mb.ca as well?  Thanks again.


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