[Spambayes] Shelve database corruption?

Lars Marius Garshol larsga at ontopia.net
Thu May 20 06:16:55 EDT 2004

* Tony Meyer
| From memory, .dir and .dat files are created with dumbdbm, so
| that'll be why they're there.  Since we don't allow use of dumbdbm
| anymore, we could take that code out of sb_dbexpimp.py, but it
| really shouldn't be doing any harm since the OSError should be
| caught.  That exception not being caught, even when it was a bare
| "except:" is very suspicious.

That's not the problem; the problem is the line that reads


in compatcsv.py. It just does a raise, but not in response to any
recent exception, and so it rethrows the last exception, even though
it's one that occurred a long time ago and was caught and ignored.

So what we should do is get rid of the bare raise statements. Making
them raise strings or something would be far better.

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