[Spambayes] Outlook error when Recovering from Spam

Marcus Aeralius maeralius at yahoo.com
Fri May 21 17:17:38 EDT 2004

MessageI get an error in Outlook when a hit the Recover from Spam button and I couldn't find anything in the troubleshooting guide.
The error is "Moving a message failed due to an unexpected Outlook error.  Exception 0x800cccd2 (OLE error 0x800cccd2)".
I think that I am getting this error because the mail comes from an imap inbox, which I cannot move mail into.
Generally when I move mail from the imap inbox, I move it to my Personal Folders Inbox.
I would suggest adding (in some future addition) the ability to specify where an email is moved to when the Recover from Spam button is clicked.  (I am new to this program, so I may just not have run across this functionality).
Question:  Even though the email(s) in question doesn't move out of the Suspected Junk folder, are statistics recorded on that email(s) prior to the attempted move operation?  If that is the case, I can still get statistics recorded and move the email(s) manually.

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