[Spambayes] Low-priority feature request

John Byrd jbyrd at well.com
Sat May 22 14:06:43 EDT 2004

As I've said multiple times, SpamBayes rocks my world and I have donated
money to the project.

I have a low-priority feature request that may be interesting to you.  One
of the truly cool features of SpamBayes Outlook plugin is its ability to
"Show spam clues for current message."  Using this feature, I have found
that a great deal of my spam is coming from a set of e-mail addresses and
accounts that I don't need, but are still active.

I believe that in my spam database, there is a TON of useful information
about how spammers have found me and how they're spamming me.  I know that a
database import/export command exists... but my specific request... would be
an advanced reporting command that showed the tokens in the database which
are MOST indicative of "spam"... say the top 100 or so.

I know that I can generate this report with a Python export and some more
scripting... but I think the info in this report might be useful to more
people than myself.

Thanks for your consideration.


John Byrd

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