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Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sat May 22 21:14:51 EDT 2004

> I am trying to load Spam Bayes here at home as I
> truly LOVE it at work.  I am attempting to set it
> up so it will work for all users.  I have Windows XP
> Pro and when I run the command 

An important bit to note is right up the top of the troubleshooting guide:

"The latest online version of this document may have information added since

In this case, it does.  The instructions have been corrected since the
latest release; the current version says:

When SpamBayes is installed, by default it is available only for the user
who installed it.  This is to allow SpamBayes to appear in Microsoft
Outlook's Com-Addin list, and therefore able to be activated and
de-activated by the user inside Outlook.
It is possible to register the addin so it is available to all users on a
particular machine, which can be useful in enterprise arrangements where
users have 'roaming profiles'
To register SpamBayes in this way, you must log on as a user with
permissions to modify the system registry, then execute the command
(obviously with the correct path substituted):
    "c:\Program Files\SpamBayes\bin\outlook_addin_register.exe"
If you check the installation log after performing such an install, you
should see the following messages:
    Registered: SpamBayes.OutlookAddin
    Registration complete.
    Registration (in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE) complete.
Note the last line, which does not exist when registration is performed only
for the current user.  Once you have performed this registration, the Addin
will be available for all users - but as noted above, it will no longer
appear in Outlook's Com-Addin list.

This should work - let us know if it doesn't.

=Tony Meyer

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