[Spambayes] Re-installing

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sat May 22 23:48:34 EDT 2004

> A little confused on where to submit this.

Here is fine.

> 	Have installed and started training Spambayes.  
> Recently, on starting Outlook, I received an error message - 
> something about I have to reinstall Spambayes as an addin.  
> Can't find how to reinstall and can not find the answer on 
> the web page.

Note that it's always a good idea to write down exactly what error messages
say - the exact wording is often important.

To reinstall, simply use the "Add/Remove Programs" control panel to remove
spambayes, and then install it like you did the first time.  This won't lose
any training or configuration data.

However, I suspect that you don't need to reinstall.  Maybe it was reenable?
Try doing Help->About Microsoft Outlook->Disabled Items (this is with
Outlook 2002 and above) and seeing if SpamBayes is listed there.  If it is,
reenable it.

=Tony Meyer

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