[Spambayes] Spam Prefiltering

David Abrahams dave at boost-consulting.com
Sun May 23 01:50:35 EDT 2004

"Tim Peters" <tim.one at comcast.net> writes:

> I advise training spambayes on the email you "actually get".  So, e.g., if
> you're happy with the decisions your server blacklisting makes

I am very happy with it; I never looked at the blacklisted messages,
and I have never noticed that it was throwing out anything I cared

> toss those msgs unlooked at by anything -- save the bandwidth and
> don't even fetch them.

Sounds very sensible.

> One of my ISPs (Comcast) does extremely conservative scanning,
> seemingly catching only msgs that are exact matches to canned
> fingerprints.  Despite that it's so unambitious, it does catch
> megabytes of viruses every day, and after confirming that over the
> course of a month, I set the account to toss those at the server (so
> I don't even learn about them any more).
> It's partly a question of attitude: I'm *not* training my classifier
> to recognize spam!  I don't care about recognizing spam.  I only
> care about weeding out messages I don't want to look at.  If a
> server can do part of that for me, great, that's closer to the goal.
> There's no practical benefit in teaching my personal classifier to
> recognize crap a server already recognizes.

Unless that crap is similar enough (spambayes-wise) to crap the server
won't recognize that it helps eliminate the latter crap.  Then again,
if you get enough of the latter I suppose SB will learn it.

> OTOH, only Comcast's filtering is good enough (and seemingly because
> it does such a timid job) that I trust it.  On the other end of that
> scale is MSN 9's junk email filtering, where virtually all msgs to
> jython-dev showed up in my junk email folder there, despite
> "training" on dozens of them as ham over the course of a month.  So
> I disabled all server filtering gimmicks on that account, and let
> spambayes sort them out.

Well, all of the blacklisted messages seem to have an
X-SpamBayes-MsgId header in them, but no X-SpamBayes-Classification.
What could that mean?  They're certainly never getting to *my*
server-side spambayes scripts!

craptastically y'rs,
Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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