[Spambayes] How do I delete Junk messages without ruining the trained SpamBayes algorithm?

Carl CarlVarblow at Varblow-Enterprises.com
Sun May 23 14:10:20 EDT 2004

I now have thousands of messages in my Junk E-Mail folder.  How do I
delete them without ruining the existing trained Junk/Suspect SpamBayes

Last time, I simply deleted the Junk mail messages by moving them to the
"Deleted Items" folder.  But then SpamBayes quit working and needed to
be retrained.

In your FAQ, you state "It is also safe to delete any messages that you
have already trained on using the "Delete as Spam" and "Recover from
Spam" buttons. All the information that SpamBayes needs to know about
trained messages is stored in a separate file."

But if I access the Junk E-Mail folder and highlight all of the junk
messages, the "Delete as Spam" button simply changes to the "Recover
from Spam" button, so I cannot possibly use it to get rid of the old
junk messages.

So how, specifically, do I safely get rid of these junk messages?

Thank you

Carl Varblow

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